Choosing to be a Pangea Organics Beauty Ecologist ~

Hello! I wanted to share a new exciting venture for me. I don’t align with companies or products without careful consideration ~ and also, just that feeling that it is RIGHT for me ….. When I went to Krishna Das for my birthday weekend, I stayed with my beautiful friend April Ramee. It was such […]

“Let Me Know You NOW” (poetry)

As I write this my heart is processing another death of another sistah from breast cancer. FAR too young, good, beautiful, with an amazing husband and daughter that she lovedlovedloved …… it is hard on the heart …… And I know sometimes it’s hard to know what to say to someone when someone has died. […]

Please help us to love ~ (poetry, #5, 3rd of the triptych)

For those of you who have been following the other posts, here’s part three of the triptych on a Mother’s voice, losing a child to gun violence. The places of processed grief and loss, seeking a deeper connection and meaning …. as with all posts, I’d love to hear your feelings/thoughts/experiences in the comments ~ […]

“Help Me, God, Please ~” (poem, #3, 2nd of triptych, Nat’l Poetry Month)

This is the second of the triptych/three part series of poems that “came in” when I asked to share the voice of a mother who lost her child to gun violence. This is deeper in the heart. Where the struggles, the grief, the doubt lay waiting, aching, like and endless chasm ……   Help Me, […]

What About HER Rights?! (poetry, for 2013 National Poetry Month)

Hi, sorry I missed a day or two in National Poetry Month ~ computer problems! Still more to get squared away, but cleared enough so I can work. YES! This poem is the first of three that I wrote for a benefit that Musicians of Mercy put on mid-January of this year for the victims […]

“burn, Burn, BURN ~” (poetry, first in National Poetry Month 2013)

So, I’ve decided I will be sharing poetry during National Poetry month, a LOT more than you have seen from me before. I know it is soon time to create a book (or a few!) with my poems. They are entities unto themselves. They often wish to become basis for improvised songs/music ~ whether sung, […]

I’m Still Here (birthday post, 3/16/13)

I didn’t plan to write a post on my birthday, starting at midnight. But I was up watching a movie, after my house mate so kindly made a new recipe of gluten free pumpkin brownies for my early birthday cake. And I just happened to glance at my computer clock, the movie was ending, and […]

“Les Mis” ~ movie experience consciousness/review (and a Divine Director appointment) ;)

Okay ~ so, I finally saw “Les Miserables” ( or as most of us theatre geeks say, “Les Mis”). I wanted to see it the DAY it came out. IMAX. 3D. The whole ball of wax. Well, that wasn’t in the cards. For whatever reason, it just wasn’t happening ….. Read on, you’ll see part […]

“Beautiful Day” ~ poem, blog post, and ode to U2 ;)

Knowing I need to get a big more creative motion, blogging, following heart and inspired action …. and my beautiful friend Claudia, fellow young breast cancer survivor and inspiration, wrote this on her Facebook tonight: “I live where the streets have no name…. I just know that my North is Hope, my South is faith…. […]

Speaking Truth to Power (My Visit to The White House)

I apologize for my delay in getting back to blogging. I am still trying to learn when to keep things to myself and when I must put the blog out there. I think sometimes I’m missing the energetic flow when a blog longs to be posted-so please bear with me. And thanks for your patience. […]

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