Well, that dare down was a dud ;) (goals, and life)

So, I dared myself to write. Daily. Aannnd ~ nope. Didn’t happen. (and this was written back in 2016 originally, for perspective ~ and just reworking and publishing now …) I could go and beat myself up about it. And I did for a time. The guilt, the shaming. Old familiar patterns. So I breathed […]

Today, I feel tired ~ and a new practice?

So, I said yesterday I would do a post a day. And today, I am resistant … It has been a rough day. A LOT to process … Like triggered by the whole Brock Turner travesty of justice. And a strong poem on rape, date rape, and “It’s Not Your Fault” came in this morning. […]

Blog a Day? Hopefully …

So you all know I have this love/hate thing with blogging. I WANT to, I LOVE it when I do ~ but then, …. oooh …. exposed … I feel exposed … Well, my guidance is saying that with SO much going on in life, it is not only crucial to get building my life, my […]

Just DO it! (#LiA Call, BIG time!)

So… I wasn’t planning on doing a blog today. On sitting in deep contemplation. On a profound conversation, a message from a friend that was a “wow, your world is totally changed in one conversation” for them kind of chat. One that was prompted by me following my heart. Just by a simple share of […]

Nectarines for the Needy? (a moment of #LiA)

So, SO much moves my heart these days. In SO many ways ….. I have been near tears since moments ago, a moment with a child in this place, feeling like I am in a war zone on the street where I live, loud police choppers almost 24/7, ambulances, guns popping on and off, police sirens […]

#LiA Made My DAY!

On my errands this am, I saw a young woman begging. I had forgotten my bag of goods for people begging before, and strongly got that I needed to have it today. SO glad I listened to that still, small voice! I chose to hand her two items I had in it ~ a granola […]

Trauma, the body, going deeper ~

Wow, new levels of going deeply in the trauma work yesterday ….. couldn’t get up today, and can barely move …. jammie day …..   you may think it crazy, but I KNOW this work is making a difference in very profound ways …. so, I stay the course as much as I can. It […]

Been Away Too Long….

Hello…. Sorry it’s been so long …. Been deep in the depths of it ….. and though writing helps, I haven’t been writing, at least not on my blog. Short update ~  more friends died, including two old dear friends from my dinner theatre days at the Harlequin that died in mid December. I got […]

“How Do We Honor A Life?” (poem, came in honoring my friend Tommy D)

      This is in honor of my friend Tom Donohue. Some of us at work joked and called him “Tommy D”, with a Jersey type accent. Tom died unexpectedly in the beginning of June. While he had medical concerns that were at times large, he lived life large and it was still a […]

I’m Radioactive (are YOU Radioactive?) ~ conscious song exploration

So, there’s this song that I LOVE. And I posted it on my personal Facebook page. A friend, who knows I work to live as consciously as possible, said “hey, why do you like that song, did you listen to the WORDS?!” Hmmm, why DO I love that song?It’s “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. I love […]

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