Just DO it! (#LiA Call, BIG time!)

So… I wasn’t planning on doing a blog today. On sitting in deep contemplation. On a profound conversation, a message from a friend that was a “wow, your world is totally changed in one conversation” for them kind of chat. One that was prompted by me following my heart. Just by a simple share of […]

Nectarines for the Needy? (a moment of #LiA)

So, SO much moves my heart these days. In SO many ways ….. I have been near tears since moments ago, a moment with a child in this place, feeling like I am in a war zone on the street where I live, loud police choppers almost 24/7, ambulances, guns popping on and off, police sirens […]

#LiA Made My DAY!

On my errands this am, I saw a young woman begging. I had forgotten my bag of goods for people begging before, and strongly got that I needed to have it today. SO glad I listened to that still, small voice! I chose to hand her two items I had in it ~ a granola […]

Trauma, the body, going deeper ~

Wow, new levels of going deeply in the trauma work yesterday ….. couldn’t get up today, and can barely move …. jammie day …..   you may think it crazy, but I KNOW this work is making a difference in very profound ways …. so, I stay the course as much as I can. It […]

Been Away Too Long….

Hello…. Sorry it’s been so long …. Been deep in the depths of it ….. and though writing helps, I haven’t been writing, at least not on my blog. Short update ~  more friends died, including two old dear friends from my dinner theatre days at the Harlequin that died in mid December. I got […]

“How Do We Honor A Life?” (poem, came in honoring my friend Tommy D)

      This is in honor of my friend Tom Donohue. Some of us at work joked and called him “Tommy D”, with a Jersey type accent. Tom died unexpectedly in the beginning of June. While he had medical concerns that were at times large, he lived life large and it was still a […]

I’m Radioactive (are YOU Radioactive?) ~ conscious song exploration

So, there’s this song that I LOVE. And I posted it on my personal Facebook page. A friend, who knows I work to live as consciously as possible, said “hey, why do you like that song, did you listen to the WORDS?!” Hmmm, why DO I love that song?It’s “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. I love […]

Choosing to be a Pangea Organics Beauty Ecologist ~

Hello! I wanted to share a new exciting venture for me. I don’t align with companies or products without careful consideration ~ and also, just that feeling that it is RIGHT for me ….. When I went to Krishna Das for my birthday weekend, I stayed with my beautiful friend April Ramee. It was such […]

“Let Me Know You NOW” (poetry)

As I write this my heart is processing another death of another sistah from breast cancer. FAR too young, good, beautiful, with an amazing husband and daughter that she lovedlovedloved …… it is hard on the heart …… And I know sometimes it’s hard to know what to say to someone when someone has died. […]

Please help us to love ~ (poetry, #5, 3rd of the triptych)

For those of you who have been following the other posts, here’s part three of the triptych on a Mother’s voice, losing a child to gun violence. The places of processed grief and loss, seeking a deeper connection and meaning …. as with all posts, I’d love to hear your feelings/thoughts/experiences in the comments ~ […]

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